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Guest Bedroom
This client owned a residential lot Zoned R-2 in Santa Barbara's Samarkand area and wanted to add an extra bedroom without impacting the existing house.
We designed a guest house addition over the existing detached garage that would double as an art studio or home office.

Exterior Renovation and Second-story Addition
This couple owned a one-story 2400 sq. ft. SFR with a 430 sq. ft. garage on a 58,000 sq. ft. lot Zoned E-1 in the Montecito area of Santa Barbara County.The clients wanted to renovate the ranch-style exterior to an Italianate-style, add a second-story bedroom/bath area and more formal main front entry, add a new two-story detached three-car garage/accessory building, and convert the existing attached garage into a bedroom/bath area.
Kitchen Relocation & Remodel
This couple owned a one-story 1250 sq. ft. SFR with a 400 sq. ft. garage on a 14,700 sq. ft. lot Zoned A-1 on the lower Riviera section of Santa Barbara.
They wanted to open up the existing "closed" floor plan and relocate the kitchen area so that they could enjoy the breathtaking harbor and ocean views while entertaining guests.
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